Monday, March 06, 2006

AWP? Lorna Dee's Book Bash! Po' Bloggers Eat n' Meet, Greet & Read, Refresh n' Run


[UPDATE 8:30 pm: 6 - 7:30 Poets Pot-Luck Picnic Beneath The Shadow of the Freeway, Town Lake Park (35 & river behind Holiday Inn Town Lake) and 7:30 - 10+ in Banquet Room - open mike, book table, food & drinks from THE TAVERN. FREE. See latest post.]

Wednesday 6:30 - ? 6 - 9?
Pecan Tree Restaurant & Blue Bonnet Banquet Room
Holiday Inn Austin Town Lake
20 North Highway 35
(esquina del rio y carretera)

Orale! TIME TO GREEZE! Who's up for meeting po'bloggers everywhere? I'm up for hosting a meet & greet marathon monopoem reading, dinner, drinks on wednesday evening especially for all my poetry blog buddies - that means you, buddy! Esa!

Let me know as soon as you can, RSVP, and give me a ball park figure on who all would be interested in private sit-down banquet buffet for $25, buffet & host bar for $40, or bar in room for reading (sit-down & order food & drink off restaurant menu first) or, hey, we're all poets, we're all poor. We'll buy our tacos elsewhere and convene later in the boardroom. So just let me know who can come - the more the merrier & more economical, especially if y'all can chip in. Otherwise, we'll have food, water, juice, beer, wine, witty new friends (even if only on the page) and poetry. What else is there? Love? PISH-TUSH. O, was that a hair? So, hey, grab your sweetie, round up your buddies, avoid the posse and poesy over to Town Lake (the river, son) and convene beneath the shadow of the freeway with me & my "bums and babblers." Any time you get there is when you're there.

But I have to order (commit cash) by today, and I have no idea if there are a dozen of us or 4 times that.

Come help me celebrate my new book in 15 years, DRIVE: The First Quartet by reading me your best poem. And help us unite - You have nothing to lose but your poems! Don't be shy (like me) - POETRY ON!

$50 will get you a signed copy of DRIVE, a banquet buffet (selection of 2 entrees, sides, desserts, etc. let me know veggie/ vegan food preferences), no-host bar & a cool place to meet up with other poets.

Or, whatever level you can contribute & I'll spring for the room, service & tax, maybe snacks. Or, just let me know you'd like to just come, or contribute only so much, or would prefer we all order off the menu (more time) and carry our drinks from The Tavern. (We can't bring any food or drink into the hotel.) We may even have SONG!

So, spread it around!

PoetDee AT LornaDeeCervantes DOT ya'know

YEA!! (I'm hearing Donna Summers in my head - somebody help me! Read me a poem!

I'm so excited. . .


Blogger Suzanne said...

Have a great time, Lorna! Wish I could be there...:-)

6/3/06 10:40  
Blogger Diana Marie Delgado said...


That sounds like fun. I'll be there, whichever event that work itself out.

6/3/06 16:19  
Blogger Simmons B. Buntin said...

I'll try to make it, but am driving over from Tucson on Wednesday and it's a looong day drive. Actually staying in Fredericksburg a bit east that evening, then Austin the next three. I should at least get to the later event(s). Thanks for organizing!

7/3/06 09:13  
Blogger Simmons B. Buntin said...

Make that a bit west. Well, you can see the difficulties I'm having already....

7/3/06 09:13  

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