Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Lorn Tooth, Loves Ah!" - A Flarf Ghazal to Love

Lorn Tooth, Loves Ah!

I saw the Nereids on the sandy bay—
What I had promised them the day

To break the heart, on a lorn fair
Day: poppies and clover! That air:

LOUR LOUT LOVE. Ah! You think
To stay? Warning: If you think

To receive and treasure long a heart
Going to love-lorn-strop, a Voldemort

Feared by men I've yet to meet. Are you
In my memory? Though all of love were true

And lost. I know this sounds odd,
Love was lost beside—And yet I would

Today! Hurray! I love going to
Feel how first, I love how first to go—

I know, I would still abide forever
Times the way these brows would shatter.

I do have two homes: one, I've meditated,
And the one of love you promised.

Of these answers we are going to earn
Silence, unrevealed—lost, forlorn;

Heavily, when love-lorn hours had
Lost besides—I yet would feel how glad

I am to be this far inside the sea,
Inside this home two borrowed from one bee.

In my memory, though all of love were
The fires burning, and all of you were

What was promised, so to speak,
A noon beautiful enough to break.

And pain—Nor this ambition (all
Forever in my memory), though all

I will remember of our story next week
Are the Nereids on the sandy bay, your cheek,

And what was promised us that day:
These answers I am going to earn, a way

To count every dimple on a creek—
I did get my teeth in it. I speak

Of tongues, freshets of taste, the way
I saw the Nereids on the sandy bay,

And pain—But not that ambition, all
Forever in my memory. You. Though all

Love that hero, the one not torn. Ah,
Love! That hero: The one not gone long—lorn. Ah!

Compiled 3/4/2006  8:35:12 AM GMT
And edited & ghazalled into being by Lorna Dee Cervantes 10:10 AM
from google c/o Leevi Lehto
More poetry in English/Finnish:


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