Monday, February 27, 2006

"FRIENDS - MySpace Poem For Friend, Pris"

* today's MySpace bulletin from Pris

I have so many great people on my Friends list whose profiles I like to bring up top so others can see them. I don't have the patience to program the way MySpace offers to put more up top, so I'm taking a couple of places in that eight and rotating new people in for a few days, then more new, etc. I have eight I tend to keep up there....yes, I can get resistant to change and I appreciate them doing the same with if you're usually in my top eight and disappear, you'll be back. If you're not there, you'll show up.

If you want to write me a poem about this garbled message, you can do that, too.


FRIENDS - Poem for Friend, Pris

Friends disappear.
Garbled couple, a poem
I'm taking, resistant
and same. This, too, that you
can do. . . . places to tend
rotating in change, great
list of appreciate. This them
I see: my new. My I. My
usually and back.

~ Lorna Dee Cervantes


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