Monday, April 10, 2006

Next Topic/ Title for NaPoWriMo Poem for April 9 and April 10

Get a timer or do this with friends which is best with someone keeping time and calling out the 3 minutes left mark, 1 minute left and a 'wrap it up' signal. (I just use my computer clock and scribble on hotel stationary.) Type it up and post it to your blog and/or in the comments 24 hours later. Revise as you want. (Yesterday's wasn't revised at all except for an additional stanza break added in the typing.) Have fun. Go down deep. Hey, who doesn't have 7 minutes to write a poem?

Title out of the hat for April 9 is:

"The Crimes of Goodness"


Title out of the hat for April 10th is:

"Sweet Sugar On Brown Dresses"


Blogger Teatrista said...

It was such a priviledge to meet you in Dallas at the Absinthe. I said I would keep in touch and here I am. This is from my blog I just posted last night. I hope you dig.

Claudia Acosta

Finally, a beautiful representation of the Latino Community in Texas left it's imprint today. Today, the biggest rally Fort Worth has ever seen, captured time, progress, and hope. It was about family, dignity, courage, recognition, an empowered Latino voice. Today we took a stand, today we marched in silence to make our presence stronger. This tall and peaceful stand left the media with nothing to say but, "All went smoothly". We are not animals, uncivilized and not all uneducated. This fearless day showed the world our unity, clarity and power.

Children holding signs proudly smiling, I saw familiar faces from the community I serve, restaurant workers stepping out to support, Spanish and English words painted the air together helping each other. I was shaken with an invigorating jolt of solidarity with my Fort Worth family.

A wondrous sense of honor and pride filled our Panther City streets. Flags, red, white, blue and green, washed the town with respect and duty.

Abril 9 2006

Orgullosa de ser Latina-Americana
Aqui vengo con solaridaridad
To honor the sweat and blood
gone so long unrecognized
A river of paz fertilizing
Dry lands
Planting the semillas of our dreams
Breaking ground
Celebrating opportunity
and el sueno universal
Aqui en Fort Worth
Pantera City
Took the day as the day to
Honor justice
Rights and dignity
Unidos hermanos, together
we left with change in our hands
Today we grabbed hold
Today it became ours
Que esta trompeta
with our nation of Latinos

10/4/06 09:59  

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