Friday, April 07, 2006

Lorna Dee Cervantes In Portland 4/8 - Sheryl Luna & Time Hernandez @ CU Boulder 4/7

Two of the best new Chicano writers (Xicanerati) will be reading here at CU Boulder tonight, Sheryl Luna and Tim Hernandez. An incredible pairing and I won't be here! :-(

Friday, April 7th
7 PM
Dennis Small Cultural Center, UMC 457

University Memorial Center
University of Colorado
Near Euclid and Broadway.

Sheryl Luna (Pity the Drowned Horses) and Tim Hernandez (Skin Tax).

I'm off to Portland, Oregon - Reed College - to read at this year's Social Justice Festival tomorrow. If you're in the area come on by. It's free! (I'm taking my hiking boots. Orale!)


Blogger Tony said...

I'm approximately in the area, though Portland is a bit out of my way without a car.

Too bad you aren't coming a few days later--I'm reading in PDX on the 13th.

7/4/06 15:37  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Thanks Lorna. Tim is a great guy. I also met Michael Medrano
who is studying with Ray Gonzalez in Minnosota. I had a nice time.

8/4/06 11:08  
Blogger sunlit doorway said...

I met Dr. Calderon, profesor of History at UNT-Denton, aqui en Tejas. He was at the all-day
teach-in on immigration that happened Saturday the 8th. When I mentioned your name, he beamed and said that his son--a student at Reed College--was probably going to hear your reading. Small world, eh? Great great to see & hear you in Big D at the Absinthe the other week. Wanna visit you during the summer, si puedo.

10/4/06 13:44  
Anonymous Bryan Roth said...


It's good to see others (and especially someone of your stature) recognize Sheryl and Tim for the wonderful writers they are. We're sorry you missed the reading, because it was a good one, in the very cozy setting of the Dennis Small Cultural Festival in the Student Union of CU-Boulder.

16/4/06 16:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1/12/06 13:50  

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