Sunday, October 30, 2005

Isla Mujeres Hurricane Wilma Recovery - Today's Email From A Concerned Traveler

This tragedy will show the world the true face of Mexico. ~ LDC
On Oct 29, 2005, at 4:44 PM, C wrote:

Dear Lorna,
i read that you have a lot on Islas mujeres, i have lived there for two months and adore Islas,
can you give me some news of the island.
Would be very grateful.
Yours C

Hi C
I, too, am very worried, especially about my friends who were among the poorest on the island. However, things look much better than worse. The clean-up on the island has been nothing short of phenomenal. Isla is a very special place. i lived there for a year and a half; I've been in love with it for 12 years, coming shortly after Hurricane Gilbert. This one was much worse, but no injuries or death, and, thanks to all, things are moving as quickly as possible. Phone service is back up, and electricity to some parts beginning with Playa Norte and then the center of town. You might try calling.

Keep checking my blog at for more info as it comes in, and follow the links to the various boards -- I like & bob's board, which I think is the speakeasy link. I'm in touch with Molly & Rebecca, I believe they are there now distributing some 7,000 worth of medicines & goods for Isla. I bought several hundred dollars worth of stuff to send down, just researching the best way to get things from Denver as the airport has been shut again to inside traffic until Dec. 1 (!!) I have a small plot of land, and have a small Mexican business (just a start-up, no business yet) so I might be able to go, myself, after the 15th. I'll be working through Rebecca & Molly on direct relief, I'm also supporting the building effort via Kelly & others -- but I was considering founding a non-profit dedicated to direct hurricane relief aid in the region, and whose mission is to preserve the history and culture of Isla Mujeres.

More soon -- Day of the Dead is a busy time this year.

Meanwhile, don't worry, the hands of the clock have been drawn back on Isla, the island has returned to its 1990 beauty, and there is much more playa. We should all return in the high season.


Lorna Dee Cervantes


Blogger cowanderer said...

Hello from Fort Collins. I also love Isla Mujeres. I leave from DIA mid-Dec and plan to take school supplies and anything I can gather. Please email me if you would like to discuss me taking donations down for you. senorasisi hotmail.

5/11/05 20:24  

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