Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Resources For Students, Faculty & Poets Displaced By Hurricane Katrina/ UNO-LA CWP MFAs Invited To Attend CU-Boulder/ Poetry For Relief

  • "Erin Bertram — Katrina Displaced MFA CWP Students Invited to Transfer to CU-Boulder"

  • Must Apply By Sept. 9 to attend immediately.

    Contact me directly for more information if you are a NOLA CWP MFA student. Then go to these links to CU-Boulder's Graduate School, Arts & Sciences, the Department of English, and the Creative Writing Program, Jeffrey DeShell, Director.

    138 undergraduates, most from Tulane, and 5 graduate students have already been processed through a previous offer of assistance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Go to for more info. More CU-Boulder Hurricane Relief news here.
    More Resources for Displaced Poets and Students:
  • other universities offering assistance

  • University of New Orleans


  • UNO news

  • other campuses

  • National Association of College Admissions Counseling Hurricane katrina Message Board

  • Society of College and University Planning Post-Katrina offers of assistance to students

  • Post-Katrina info, New Orleans

  • my announcement in
  • . Search craigslist for more info & relief offers including transportation
    Hurricane Poets (new school?) check in: here
    Poets: Red Cross Poetry Contest for Hurricane Relief Fund sponsored by Café Café for best "Fantasy Poem" imagining you could be with anyone you desire, and judged by me, Lorna Dee Cervantes. First prize is $250 to be donated to the Red Cross along with other monetary prizes donated by fellow poets. Get your poems in! Deadline: Sept. 15.

    Poets: Donate to the hurricane relief effort and send a poem, along with proof of donation to Poets Who Support Survivors for the website and a chapbook of the best sumissions with cash prizes from
  • Donate Now to the NAACP!
  • And, send a poem for survival.


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