Monday, July 11, 2005

I Won An iPod!

. . .at the perpetual bridal shower for the marriage of the Muse at Café Café with Didi Menéndez hosting the celebration and suggesting that we celebrate "The Making of Eve," with some muse-ich. "Why Knot? Why not?" I said. And then I did. Read my acceptance speech here: sheesh, as a poet you'd think I'd practice brevity. "Learn something everyday," gramma said. And follow the link at the Café to my poem, "The Making of Eve." (Didi, you can do it with or without the last line. I kinda like it closing the poem. I've been really inspired these past years by Eileen Miles's new work. I told her that I loved the endings on all the poems, that so much of writing a poem is like executing an Olympic gymnastics routine—all the leaps don't matter if you can't stick the landing, and that most poets/gymnists go with the usual variations of the fancy roll & a hands in the air "tah DAH!" at the end; whereas Eileen's go a completely different way in the end—the reader/listener is often left wondering "is that the end of the poem?" before realizing the final elegant "y ya" and the pause/'p-awes—before the pow/wow of the wonder & de-light at a really good poem with a really good ending, something real-ly original; what I call "the unexpected inevitable.")

ciao & chow at the Café (Reyes Cardenas cooks & eats there, too!)

and tune into MiPo Radio
where the real world goes to po'

Feliz Cumpleaños, Pablo Neruda!
go write a poem for creation


Blogger poetzie said...

Congrats, Lorna! I found a link to your blog ala Ron Silliman's blog which I frequent lately and thought I'd say "hello". I hope all is well in Colorado-- I'm in Chicago trying to finish up a PhD with a new baby. . .not an easy feat. I'd love for you to check out my blog at
~mackenzie carignan, a former student from CU CW program~

11/7/05 15:07  

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