Friday, July 08, 2005

Eduardo Corral - Awake & Strumming (& showing some leg)

Yea! An Eduardo fix!
Eduardo Corral chapbook from Web del Sol
Great poems from a new poet
(pero, sabes qué? no me chingas—no hombre! Qué Euro-peon forms? If so, blame it on Neruda, Lorca, and that bloody Mistral—and shoot the messenger, Señorito Whitman. 'Sides, I had nothing to do with that. I kissed them off at the bio, figured I wouldn't get into that: it was meaningless. 100 percent of it is, for Xicanerati, who your publisher is: if it ain't Nick, it ain't in—and that's the 'Peon's English; although, nowadays, it may be el reverso—and rightly so, for as we well know, one nick off the old block doesn't make it poetry).
~Just Another India From the 16th Century

p.s. por qué los images? lo más y más de lo mismo
(but beautiful)


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