Friday, July 08, 2005

"Unconscious Mutterings On 7/7/05"

  1. Statistics:: grin through the wreckage.
  2. Grin:: and bear it, bare another branch on the human tree.
  3. Saturn:: was stunning in a ray of shock & awe.
  4. Fulfilled:: and desired—that's the American Way.
  5. Life plan::  understand? A way past an alien invasion.
  6. Cult:: figured up the yin/yang, Generals in command.
  7. Lily:: tubers, opium poppies in a far-off land, hypocrites'
  8. Stalemate:: there in the stolid air.
  9. Celebration:: and explosions in an allied engineering.
  10. Underwear:: and satin sheets of flesh draped on a flag.
(unseen characters including slash "o 'l. . ."):: ¡Olé!

(I get these from a Radical Druid via una Luna Niña)


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