Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Poem For the Trundling Buffalo of Maryland" (thnx 2 32 Poems)

Much thanks to Deborah Ager at
  • 32 Poems
  • for this diversion from the morn of harsh reality; you gotta see the
  • picture
  • of the one jumping over the net before you read this poem. Peace to all buffalo, living and dead.

    Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

    You're bound for burger, yet,
    you with the dreadlocks dangling
    from your chin, you of the back
    hump, bad hair day everyday
    you will not be shorn, "I Tread
    On You," a distant memory
    of the ice bit plains, a plain
    song of discovery and regret,
    railroads and a child's yellow
    wallow—a Walmart Godlike token
    spent on a tennis court reservation—
    it's love and match and set.

    My stack of meat lies, twinkling
    dew, defrosted. Would that be you?
    Tomorrow at the barren landscapes
    of the King, organic and prion free,
    who would capture you or deface
    your rare and toasted memory?
    Some smoke stack signals guide
    you home, the smell of range, decay,
    the stench of your breed stunning
    in the slaughterhouses of America,
    Land of the Free, and meat, its greatest
    living symbol: I'll fry this line-caught fish

    for me.

    c Lorna Dee Cervantes
    P.S. Think of Vachel Lindsay's "Trundling Buffalo" while you read the article. Good poem, that, from an early hippie. Although this one will do:
  • "The Fower-Fed Buffaloes"

  • 9:16 AM
    P.P.S. Think of
  • Dougie Maclean's
  • song:
  • "Buffalo jump/ feel the thunder..."
  • from his cd "Singing Land" - bohdrans, digeridoos & bagpipes on a poet, doesn't get any better than that.


    Blogger 32poems said...

    Thanks. I'm glad the buffalo article provoked a poem.


    29/4/05 10:36  

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