Sunday, April 24, 2005

more on Kamau Brathwaite & Cow Pastor

Check out
  • Jordan Stempleman's First Nation
  • to get contact information on where to send letters of support & protest what's happening at
  • Cow Pastor
  • thanks to a site set up by Tom Raworth. Also, Jean at
  • OKIR
  • has a sample of Kamau Brathwaite's poetry from
  • "Stone" in Middle Passages.
  • Click on the link to his name and you'll find a great site on him from my favorite online poetry project, the Online Poetry Classroom. (While you're at Jean's site, OKIR, do read the small treasures she keeps in her
  • Night Jar
  • I especially love the earlier short prose pieces.)

    One of the most moving & inspiring readings I've ever attended in Boulder was when Naropa brought Kamau to read at the Fox Theater. Here was Poetry married to the Muse married to Spirit married to Music married to Justice married to Mind married to Matter. Talk about "It Takes A Village." I had the most amazing conversation with him after the reading. Writers, please support a major living poet, write now! And buy a book.

    Jordan adds these suggestions: Hi, More info can be found here:
    Letters to those responsible might help, as well as letters to the editors at Counterpunch:
    & Native Forest Council:

    Please pass this on to whomever can offer suggestions or support.

    Kind Regards,
    Jordan Stempleman

    Gracias, Jordan


    Blogger Okir said...

    Thanks for pointing to The Nightjar, and also for your reminders about Kamau Brathwaite's plight. I'm teaching some of your older poems in my Ethnic Studies class this semester!

    24/4/05 16:00  

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