Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where In the World Is Lorna? LA Tomorrow: Pitzer College 3/5, Mujeres de Maiz 3/8 - SF: Lunada, Galería de la Raza w/ Cherríe Moraga & Sharon Doubiago

Thurs., 3/5 - Pitzer College, noon-1:30 pm at Gold Student Center, Multipurpose Room
Reception 2-3:30 - CLSA Lounge

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Sun., 3/8 - Mujeres de Maiz Live Art Show, 6-10pm at Metabolic Studios (FarmLab), 1745 N. Spring St., LA 90012
($10-15 sliding scale)

LUNADA: Mango Toast & Jam for International Women’s Day

Featuring Sharon Doubiago, Cherrie Moraga and Open Mic.
Curated and co-hosted by Lorna Dee Cervantes.

Date: Tues., Mar. 10
Time: 7:30pm
Admission: $5 or free w/food dish/ Galeria membership
Galería De la Raza
2857 24th St. @ Bryant
San Francisco,CA 94110 | 415.826.8009

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Mission’s own, Lorna Dee Cervantes, curates and co-hosts one of the most incredible LUNADAs ever! A trifecta of feminine literary power, featuring Lorna Dee along with award winning, renowned writers Sharon Doubiago and Cherri Moraga. Lorna Dee brings back her “Mango Toast & Jam,” tradition in March.

“Years ago when I was running my press, I would have these ‘Mango Toast & Jam’ events. I'd invite poets from all over for pot-luck spin-the-bottle readings. Over 60 people in my little one bedroom house and yard.” –Lorna Dee Cervantes.

Lorna Dee Cervantes is the author of Emplumada, From the Cables of Genocide: Poems on Love and Hunger, and Drive: The First Quartet which was nominated for a Pulitzer. Among her many awards and fellowships, she has received the American Book Award, Paterson Prize, Latino Literature Award, Balcones Award, two Pushcart Prizes and the prestigious Lila Wallace Readers Digest Fellowship. Her poems have appeared in hundreds of anthologies and collections. Cervantes, a printer, editor and publisher, founded the influential Chicana/o press, MANGO and was the first to publish Sandra Cisneros, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Alberto Rios, Víctor Martínez, and many other major poets. A former Associate Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at CU Boulder, she currently lives on 24th St. where she is writing a novel set in the Bay Area in the early 70s and completing a young adult novel about life in the Mission. She is a trained philosopher, considering a treastice on axiology (the study of value/s) and the philosophy of love. She will be writing love poems for strangers for $5-$20 for a new collection, 100 Love Poems to Strangers. Love for sale! Come and get your love.

Sharon Doubiago is the author of numerous collections and book-length poems including Hard Country, South America Mi Hija - which was twice nominated for the National Book Award, The Husband Arcane: The Arcane of O, and a new prize-winning collection, Love on the Streets: Selected and New Poems. Doubiago holds three Pushcart Prizes for poetry and the Oregon Book Award for Psyche Drives the Coast. Doubiago is a long-time activist involved in solidarity work and was an influential member of San Francisco's Third World poetry movement of the 70s and 80s.

Cherríe Moraga is a playwright, poet and essayist whose plays and publications have received national recognition, including a Theatre Communications Group Theatre Artist Residency Grant in 1996, the NEA's Theatre Playwrights' Fellowship in 1993, and two Fund for New American Plays Awards. Moraga has also published extensively as an essayist and poet. She is the co-editor of the ground-breaking anthology, This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, which won the Before Columbus American Book Award in 1986, and was re-released in a twentieth anniversary edition in 2002. She is the author of Loving in the War Years: Lo Que Nunca Pasó Por Sus Labios (1983) and The Last Generation (1993). She is currently teaching at Stanford University.

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