Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On The First Year of the Rest of Our Lives

foto by Francisco J. Dominguez
copyright 12/23/07

I've been planning for the rest of my life. Taking stock and literally, taking stock. Bits and pieces here from there like a hermit crab, and me, skittering down my coast, a short-legged shore bird skimming the rocks. I like this here. This, here. This. Here.


This here:

"Beginning Again"-A Chola On Transformative Politics

I like to hope. I like to hope this means that this is what 2012 means - that we find the means to "stop time" - the literal meaning of the glyphs. That would mean a return to real time - in time to deal with catastrophe changes in a world gone out of balance. This means a return to values and the value of predilective labor as well as a return to the exchange of real goods and services (as opposed to the false and therefor inflatable values of symbolic exchange: gold, money, credit, usuary, etc.) A return to the Mayan perpetual calendar in synch with the harmony and dance of the spheres.

It can happen.

May your next year be better than the last.

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