Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Poem In Progress - "For ..."

For ...

I saw the ocean
in your eyes, touched
your heart, once,
a subtle lapping
under the fingers.

A soft evaporation
left its mark
and something burrowed
in the fleshy sand;
your harvest, a thing

of the past. What
is past refuses
to stay under its
underlines -- the headlines
under your brow, the mad

believing. I walk the tidelines,
the furrows, the sorrows,
the bright bridges into
tomorrow. The digging
continues, a gouging

under sentences. If I
were this belief I would
flourish, fly over crag
stone and reef. I wouldn't
stay here, fast and locked

in this absence of you.
All the possibilities become
you: a flinch in time,
an unreeling. The spools
of our separate lives run

out on their own. The great
fish of the heart, spawning
under its river, tight-fisted
as shark, The greening love
of sea -- left -- unbelieved.

Lorna Dee Cervantes


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