Friday, October 19, 2007

Fractured Friday Flicks: Brit Birt Fractures Foot of One of the Masses, And Drives

Never thought I'd be doing this, but, hey, it's a laugh on the day of closing when you're waiting for the cash to clear the banks. Sabes? That kind of morning. This made me laugh. This comes from one of my MySpace buddies (visit me there if you can never get up my whole blog page for a slow dial-up - I messed up my template and don't know how to recode it to show fewer entries on the page) at") who sent out a mass bulletin that his brother texted him at 4:25 this morning with this message: "Brit Birt just ran over me!"

Note: There's another video that starts up right away afterwards, kinda shows how to treat the masses with class.

Dang, like a dog in the road! She didn't even stop to say, "excuse me." ExCUse me?! "That's ta teach ya to wear your juaraches!"


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