Monday, October 01, 2007

Lorna Dee Resigns

Dear all dears,

This is to let y'all, my friends, know that I, Lorna Dee Cervantes, have resigned my position as Associate Professor of English at the University of Colorado in Boulder - a position I have held for 18 years.

I am currently living in San Francisco and teaching one course in Ethnic Studies at SFSU. I have founded the Mission Poetry Center (La Misio'n Poe'tica) near Mission and 30th where I will be conducting Intensive Poetry Workshops and hosting a poetry rereat in Pacifica (poet's house available for rent) as a city and sea experience.

I am available for readings, performances, workshops, lectures, keynotes, book signings, class visits, etc. "Have Poems. Will Travel." (Good time to ask.) Send requests and inquiries to me at my full name, Lorna Dee Cervantes at mac dot com.

Poetry On!

Your friend,

Lorna Dee

"On a mission.
In the Mission.
On Mission."

"Porque La Misio'n tiene una misio'n poe'tica que cumplir."



Blogger msedano said...

momentous decisions! a whirlwind of opportunity. congratulations on the move and welcome back to califas.


2/10/07 14:56  
Blogger holly said...

Oh! Lorna! I was just in the Mission district for the first time this summer! What a wonderful place! Glad to know you are well...Holly

3/10/07 13:58  

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