Wednesday, August 08, 2007

La Migra Asesina: Immigration Agent On Trial for Murder of Undocumented Worker & Fotos by Francisco Dominguez

Immigration Agent Tried for Murder in Arizona: click link or go here: for the news story.

And, oddly, the man murdered is also named Francisco Dominguez, no relation to the outstanding photographer and poet of the same name from Sacramento. I recently had the chance to see some of Francisco's new work on the Border and immigration rights protests this past weekend and they were truly fantastic. He was just one of the talented folk I've connected and reconnected with since I've been back to my City by the Bay. Check out the galeria on 24th Street in the Mission in SF for his work and others. It's a great art show. (Hey, maybe when you come up, or down, to the Galeria de la Raza to see and hear Pinta tu Propia Mundo (love that name) where I'll be reading/performing along with Opal Adisa Palmer and others this friday night just next door to where they are showing.) Otherwise, you can click this link here for a couple of Francisco's fotos and a brief essay on his experiences. I first met Francisco years ago when I was trawling for grad students for CU at Naropa (where I found Tammy Gomez, and recruited her heavily) and presenting a reading and workshop for their summer writing program. He immediately impressed me with his intelligence, sensitivity and talent. I've seen a few of his pics since, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work. I was blown away by the depth and power of the images at the galeria show. Especially now, when media workers at all levels are under attack, here and elsewhere, this work is vitally important to us all. Gracias, Francisco.


Blogger a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

you found me, you found me...when i was lost in "gringo beat poet
infatuation" overdrive. you tried to get my young work into RED DIRT when i was afraid of publishing my wee poems in print--as i didn't trust them to represent themselves well w/o my singing visceral voice.

things have changed...

happy belated BIRTHDAY, Ms. Leo LornaDee!

12/8/07 12:40  

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