Saturday, July 28, 2007

Intensive Poetry Workshops With Lorna Dee Cervantes This Weekend and Next - July 21, 22, 28, 29


Today's workshop, Saturday, July 28th, starts at 12 noon and runs until 6 pm with lunch.
Sunday's workshop will begin at 11 am and run until 5 pm with lunch.
Please email me and confirm attendancve and to get address and phone number. Poetry On!

Join me, Lorna Dee Cervantes, at my place in Berkeley this weekend and next for a day-long intensive poetry workshop July 21, 22, 28, 29. This workshop is designed to be open to all levels, from no experience to very experienced poets. Workshop begins at 10 am and runs until 4 pm with a vegetarian lunch and conversation served at 1 pm. [Saturday, July 28, workshop starts at 12 noon until 6 pm. Sunday, July 29, workshop starts at 11 am and runs until 5 pm.] Price reduced! $85 for two days, $50 for one. Sliding scale considered. Writers of all genres and persuasions are invited to attend as what we will cover may apply to all types of writing. Learn how to go from no poems to a full-length manuscript in one day. Bilingual (Spanish) writers welcome. Email me with a sample of your writing if you have it at PoetDee at mac dot com for address, phone number and directions. Discounts for advance payment: check, cash, paypal or my Amazon pay system account at the bottom of the blog page. So far, I have some great Chicana/Latina poets interested in attending, but this workshop is open to all. Please bring copies of one poem for workshopping with the group along with whatever we generate in class. Besides workshopping we may even find time to do a bit of works hopping.

I will also be available for private poetry manuscript consultation by phone or in person at $1 a page (for a limited time only). Send hardcopy of manuscript. I'm also available for editing or private consultation of fiction or literary nonfiction manuscripts - rate negotiable.

Not in Berkeley? Southwest and Frontier are offering some great rates on flights to Oakland. Me? I take the train.

Here's more about the workshops, a mini mini version of my grad and undergrad workshops at CU Boulder:


There are about as many ways to write a poem as there are people on the planet. In poetry, as in love, there are no absolutes, and that's the only absolute. So, how does one make sense of the plethora? How, when faced with the whole enchilada, does one go about the process? For poetry is a process, above all else. As Coleridge once wrote, "Poetry is the pleasurable activity of the journey itself."

In this workshop we will map out the journey by dividing the poetic universe (multiverse) into four distinct phases of the creative/critical process: GENERATION, SELECTION, Re-VISION, and CRITICAL EVALUATION - much the way we splay out the patterns on a globe into east, south, west and north in order to get anywhere. No individual phase is more important than another and each has its own distinct character and unique phenomena. We will participate in exercises designed to match each phase of the process - rather than focus undue or premature attention upon poetry as product. We will discuss and consider many roads leading us there, to the finished poem ("finished" in the orgasmic sense rather than as executioner or, worse, as taxidermist.) We should, by the end of the day, come away with at least 5 new poems and a sense of our own patterns and patterning (for better or worse) and a new toolbox of techniques and methods, a new confidence and playfulness, a new sense of our own strengths and weaknesses as writers, and maybe even become acquainted with our own inner critic as well as become accustomed to the sound of our voice as well as our own individual "Voice" as a poet. We'll also cover the nuts and bolts of what I like to cal Po'Biz: How to prepare and edit a manuscript for submission. How to find publishers. How to maintain the inspiration (breath) for sustaining a work or book over time. How to perform our work in "Real Time". How and when to detach ourselves from our work and voice. How to criticize another poet's work. How to discover and foster a community of writers. Maybe even how to start and develop our own publishing resources and performance venues.

Each workshop will be unique to its participants and so may be repeated more than once. (Kind of like love-making.) This workshop respects all and expects such from participants. Expect diversity. Expect to learn how to pleasure yourself - so to speak.

UPDATE: Depending upon participants, the workshops on July 28 and July 29th may be postponed to accomodate attendance at the SF Poetry Festival. Also, participants will be invited to attend the La Bomba Reading Benefit for La Galeria de la Raza in San Francisco on Saturday night, July 21.
UPDATE: Menu for this weekend's workshops:

Guacamole & Blue corn chips

sweet corn, tomatillo, lime "dip" with sliced jicama "chips"

Lorna Dee's "Medicine" Soup: minced spinach, asparagus, broccoli, leek, onion, tempeh in No-Chicken broth

Cabbage, Carrot & Corn slaw w/cilantro & orange dressing

Creamy red potato salad w/ fresh dill

Edamane raviolli w/ shitake mushroom sauce

Layered Spanish "Tortilla" with green beans, tomatoes, red potatoes and Swiss cheese sauce

Whole wheat & multigrain garlic bread

(possible deserts)

Lorna Dee's "Hobo" Apple Blueberry Pie

Red Plum & blueberry Ice Cream cake

(I'm hoping people will start coming for the food)

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Blogger RC said...

Lorna, sounds like a great weekend.If I could get off of work I would be on the way there now.

19/7/07 09:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish, wish, wish, I could attend.

E. Bernal

19/7/07 14:31  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Me too!

30/7/07 07:22  
Anonymous Dee said...

Do you do any workshops on-line? I just found your site while googling for something else, and I love the few poems I have read. I am a New Yorker living in Sweden, and I have a fledgling writing group going here. We have had talk about organizing a writing retreat here, in Gothenburg, but have no definitive plans at the moment.

I have written a lot of poetry over the past 20 years, but unfortunately not too much recently. I would like to organize what I have and see if I can make anything of it. One of my many projects.



28/8/07 14:49  

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