Monday, April 30, 2007

"Unconscious Mutterings #221 On 4/30/07"

  1. Order :: in the morgue. Do you feel like you're fixing to die?

  2. Mortician :: on as a short order cook, the riff of the raffle, life or no breath.

  3. Determine :: the outcome. Establish the rest. Be aware of the great divide.

  4. Ignore :: the partial or impartial palates. Be palatable to no

  5. Guy :: Be the bee's dance, the Miss Communication at the ball. Carry a crucible

  6. Crush :: for the next long love of your life. Be the very flower on the lapel. Be

  7. Garlic :: and keep the monsters a bay. The Golden Gate folly,

  8. Wacky :: as an out-of-state drive, beckons and sways, the ways of

  9. Parent :: s and vagabons. Stay and light the skyline with your smile. Witness the

  10. Burning :: , the smalls fires of the heart in an abandoned city, and swell.

* Deposit your own subliminal checks and balances at La Luna Nina's lair.

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