Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lorna Dee Cervantes @ MLA - Phil 12/28-31 - Panel On American Indian Poetry: 12/29

I'm off for the MLA, the Modern Language Association conference in Philadelphia thursday. I'm planning on hunting down Jessica to meet & greet -- anyone else? That is, if I don't get snowed in -- oh my!

Session Details

Friday, 29 December

430. Poetry and History in the Indigenous Americas

12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Liberty Ballroom Salon A, Philadelphia Marriott

Program arranged by the Division on American Indian Literatures

Presiding: Deborah A. Miranda, Washington and Lee Univ.

1. “Reclaiming the Language: Contemporary Anishinaabe Poetry,” Margaret A. Noori, Eastern Michigan Univ.

2. “The Reclaiming of History in Contemporary Poetry by Indigenous Women of North America,” Christina A. Roberts, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson

3. “The Persistence of Chumash Memory in the Poetry of Lorna Dee Cervantes and Deborah A. Miranda,” Sonia V. González, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette

Respondent: Lorna Cervantes, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

For copies of abstracts and papers, visit after 7 Dec.


Blogger Jessica Smith said...

hey lorna, thanks for the hunt, but i think i've decided not to go (too far a drive, no money). that panel looks very interesting!

28/12/06 10:39  

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