Thursday, July 13, 2006

More On Police Brutality Hollywood Style - Peaceful Observers Beaten For ... ? Being Brown & White? Our Taxes At Work

*Reposting this from bulletins on my MySpace site.

Update on police brutality at Hollywood anti-Minuteman counterdemonstration

Hello everybody:

A couple of days ago, I sent out an email containing a
link to a video posted online by a Minuteman supporter
which contained footage showing two persons at an
anti-Minuteman counterdemonstration in Hollywood being
pushed, shoved, and beaten by several Los Angeles
police officers for no reason whatsoever:

Well, a new video of the exact same incident, but shot
much closer, and from a completely different angle,
has recently been posted online. It can be seen at the
following link:

The National Lawyer's Guild and LA Answer held a joint
press conference yesterday announcing their intention
to file "multiple lawsuits" against the Los Angeles
Police Department over this incident and other related
matters. Several people abused by police at the
counterdemonstration (including the two persons that
were videotaped being beaten) also spoke.

An audio of the press conference can be found at the
following link:

For more details about the press conference, video
footage, and other pertinent issues, please see the
following websites:

Any further inquiries regarding this matter should be
directed toward the National Lawyer's Guild or LA
Answer. They can be reached at or respectively.


Duane J. Roberts


Blogger Ernesto said...

This explains it better. What I meant by "scary" on my comment to the previous post was not only the beating itself, but the fact that these "Minutemen" do videotape these incidents. This calls for further interrogation on the nature of justice, witnessing, archiving, perspective, et cetera.

13/7/06 17:02  
Blogger Eduardo C. Corral said...

Thanks for this info, Lorna.

14/7/06 03:59  
Blogger Sam of the ten thousand things said...

It's unfortunate that civilization doesn't make one civil.

We never learn.

Thanks for this post.

14/7/06 12:30  

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