Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Sandwiches" (7-Minute NaPoWriMo Poem for April 26)


Fortune tells its spread,
the lay of the hand, the second
check, the clear smear of future
cast in fate. I pretend to care,
to share my rare and tenuous thread,
the shred of substance in the guessing.

All I know is a certain air, an invisible
longing towards the flame of flare, how
everything crumbles past the touch. I feel
my way, the web of possibility. The last
step, secure in the knowing I don't know.
All in there, that hollow of alone--is shared.

The crisp husk of morning leaves
off her battle, the new won day
brilliant with bursting through. I rule
another mile of minutes, these shoes.
I choose another opening to be
sandwiched in--all resonance and light.

written in 7 minutes for National Poetry Writing Month for April 26

Get your daily NaPoWriMo poem topic/ title here, then scroll down.


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