Thursday, April 27, 2006

On This Day Last Year

April 27, 2005 - My Father Dies Today

A few hours ago, approximately 2:30 pm in San Francisco, my father, the artist and philosopher, Louis "Lu�s" Cervantes died at home with family in the arms of his loving wife, Susan Kelk Cervantes. Last week two Tibetan monks chanted over him, as did two curanderos, he was seen by a Chinese herbalist and acupunturist, and a group of danzantes. A Tibetan monk is saying a prayer over him now, he has placed something on his forehead. His spirit is strong and present. The remembrances are loving. I am grateful that I was able to tell him that I am grateful for him. I truly am. Grateful to have had him in my life, been blessed by his influence & sensibility, grateful for the honor of having him as my father. Grateful for the art he left the world.

It begins to rain in Boulder. It is raining hard and raining snow, streaks of slush pass through the budding crabapples. It has always rained when someone special passes. It is a special blessing, a small blessing, that he didn't suffer the pain or misery that so many have who have suffered this particular kind of cancer. His spirit and vitality�virility�was always such that it was impossible to think of him ailing, to imagine him as frail as he was in the end. In less than two months, he is gone.



Join me if you're in San Francisco tonight at his favorite hangout, Cafe Boheme, 24th & Mission, the heart of the Mission, at 7pm for a Celebration Tribute & Exhibit for my father, Luis Cervantes, which will include poetry, music, remembrance and ceremony.

"Ceremonies heal." ~ Luis Cervantes


Blogger gina said...

Sympathies, Lorna. Thinking of you and your father on this day.

28/4/06 03:34  
Blogger Peter said...

Wow. Hope the remembrance was lovely.

28/4/06 19:30  
Blogger Ernesto said...

Respect, and my sympahties as well.

29/4/06 14:31  
Blogger Billy Jones said...

Wow... I lost mt Daddy in 2004, I hope it went well. I feel a little ashamed to continue but my real reason for popping in is I just wanted to invite you to submit your blog's RSS Feed to You can also use our Poetry Wire page to post poetry related announcements and if you like, your poetry as well. You retain rights to all your works and relative links back to your blog or other sites are welcome.

If it's a bad time I'm sorry to have bothered you. -Billy Jones, AKA: Billy The Blogging Poet,

29/4/06 16:43  

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