Thursday, February 09, 2006

Justice for Leonard Peltier Feb. 13!

this from a friend at MySpace:
Please read; here is something that you can do...

Hearing Set for Leonard Peltier

From the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

February 5, 2006

For Immediate Release: A Hearing has been scheduled for February 13, 2006 to correct the illegal sentencing that occurred in Leonard Peltier's case. The basis for this motion is that the United States District Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction under the statutes upon which Mr. Peltier was convicted and sentenced. The statutes in question require that the crime take place "within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States". Since the deaths of the agents occurred on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation which is neither "within the special maritime [or] territorial jurisdiction of the United States", the Peltier defense team is asking the Court to grant Mr. Peltier's motion and vacate the illegal sentences imposed upon him. If the Court does not recognize the Pine Ridge Reservation as sovereign "then one must wonder, what does sovereignty mean?" stated Barry Bachrach, attorney for Leonard Peltier. "Sovereignty seems to be a concept that is merely given lip service. It is raised when the government does not want to get involved, and infringed when the government wants to take action." According to Bachrach, "This hearing is important because Mr. Peltier was never charged with crimes over which the United States had jurisdiction. The history of the constitution, and the statutes implicated, unequivocally establish that Mr. Peltier was not convicted under the Indian Crimes Act, which is the only possible authority under which the government could have tried and convicted Mr. Peltier. Whereas here, the court had no jurisdiction to convict Mr. Peltier under the crimes for which he was convicted, those convictions must be set aside as a matter of law." The hearing will take place on Feb 13, 2006 Time: 9 am Location: Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse Southeast Courtroom 27th Floor 111 S. 10th Street St Louis, Missouri For more information please contact: Leonard Peltier Defense Committee @ 915 - 533-6655 Barry Bachrach, Attorney @ 508-926-3403.

From Lionel Little Eagle

You can also learn much more about the on-going work to bring justice to Leonard by visiting the Official website for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. I would also urge that you pour your free prayers into the sky, let them mingle with the free clouds, find the free rain drops, lay softly upon the free birds and be carried across this free Earth to be released upon the city of St. Louis and the free hearts and minds of those men and women who have been chosen to hear the words and make the decisions. Do this pryaer work as many times as you can between now and February 13th, 2006. Let the mystery take charge!


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