Friday, February 03, 2006

Between Depleted Democracy and The State of Disunion. . .

my ulcer is back. Spent all last night vomiting every 5 and 10 minutes. Not good. My arms and chest hurt like my cells were imploding. Finally, about 4:30 am I soaked in the tub. Seems to help. Maybe it leaches out lactic acid or just helps my muscles relax. Something. Or just my fiery nature always needing the comfort of water close by. Or maybe I'm just turning into one of those hybrid lizard aliens and I can hold my breath for half an hour. I'm able to doze in the tub.

Now that my son's home from school, I can try and sleep. The vomiting stopped in the bath, the nausea a little while ago. I can drink tea, nibble rice cakes, talk. My hands are still numb. I had to cancel my office hour today, but my hours are by appointment this semester & I'll be meeting with all my student twice for 45 minutes and seeing them before and after class, especially after V-Day when the poetry workshops start to meet at the house. I wasn't expecting anyone today. I won't be meeting with my independent study student until tuesday. I was just going to use the time to read manuscripts, although my office is so dang noisy! It wasn't designed as a faculty office and there's a classroom right across from me so the students gather outside my office door and talk. I can't keep my door office open -- that and the constant interruptions from people expecting me to be the secretary as it's next to the dept. office, the site of the former steno pool. And I look the part.

So, I'm sorry if anyone came by looking for me today. I started becoming ill tuesday after class and off & on wednesday. Thursday I felt good again, then coming home on the bus it hit: that fisted grip in the gut and icy chills.

Ah, yes! What one can not stomach. What do they say about it? "Those who live by the metaphor. . .".

But, don't worry friends. There is a cure. Pure-hearted resistance and push for TRUTH -- and PO CHAI pills! I bought a case in San Francisco which healed me right up last spring, and I took my last one tuesday. But, as my mother would say: "Where there's a will there's a website: PO CHAI Pills. Better than Nexium to which I had a severe reaction. The reason I'm out is that I didn't need much to make me all better and I gave half of what I had away.


And, come on, somebody say it, our king won't utter it: "KATRINA!" "We're sorry so many people had to die and so many children and other loved ones are still missing. We're sorry. Now, how are we going to help?"


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