Friday, December 02, 2005

Fun With Memes

This from healer-poet, Peter Pereira, a prince of a guy but you may call him "Goddess" -- his partner calls him "Princess." Fer shur, Peter is an outstanding poet. And, he's always coming up with something.

Here's one: Go to Google, type "[your name} needs" and copy the first lines that come up. Like most of these things when you're searching in light, the results are often scary dead on. Hilariously so. Here's mine:

Lorna needs our support!
Lorna needs to take action now. Otherwise she is
afraid she will want to smash every plate Eva has ever eaten off or...
Lorna needs to start building a relationship -- finding out
a name and expressing sympathy for the cause.
The Last thing Lorna needs is Another relationship right now. not only because
it would end all Character development but because the poor thing ...
Lorna needs a cover, thats for sure. But please...get rid of that HORRID HORRID
HORRID purple outfit of hers.
Lorna needs money to keep her work going.
HaHa! & hoho. Ho! Buy a book. Get a pre-publication signature and date on your advance holiday copy of DRIVE: The First Quartet and double your investment. You can quicken the process (Sorry, Peter, your order languished in my university box for a month! It's now priority on the way; both books under separate cover, one signed to you personally, the other just signed and generally dedicated) by clicking on the Amazon Honor System pay box at the bottom of the blog which links you to a direct payment method that's secure and the payment is deposited into my account directly: you are not ordering from Amazon dot com but from me, the author. You can also use my paypal account, just send to my full name, all three run together, at which is also a good addy to reach me. Just be sure to send me an email notice with shipping and dedication information along with the amount sent so I know, and I can ship it in time for the holidays. Hey, it's a big book of poetry with five distinct collections; I figure somebody is bound to find something that suits. HoHoHo! Books for the holidays. Poetry to soothe the beaten souls. Anyone interested in exchanging books -- I'm always up for that. Cheers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


i got told about the 'enter your name needs' on google and tried ur site. a lorna too.

21/6/07 06:16  
Anonymous tailcoat said...

I also want to have fun with Memes.

1/7/11 04:32  

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