Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"In History" - Last Poem In New Book, ESKELETONADA

The last poem in a new manuscript of poetry called ESKELETONADA is now up in the Café Café. The poem is called "In History."


Blogger Fresh Loquats said...

Dear Lorna,

I just read your comment on my blog, Fresh Loquats (I am a poet who started Alive in Truth, The New Orleans Disaster Oral History and Memory Project.)
I would *love* for you to post something or anything on your blog! Thank you for reading, for asking, connecting. I've been out of touch with my blog due to the intensity of relief work--but I am back now and glad to (virtually) meet you.

Blessings and solidarity,

Abe Louise Young

PS -- is there a better/easier way to respond to a blog message? : )

25/11/05 16:36  

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