Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Would you trust this poet with your peach?

Peachy Lorna Dee


Blogger Eduardo C. Corral said...

I would trust you with my apples, but not my peaches.
That guy next to you is cute. Do you know him?
Are you reading "The Hummingbird's Daughter?" I'm half way through it, and I'm loving it. Amazing prose, and a wonderful story.

29/6/05 12:49  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

LOL I knew you'd say that so I left him in when I cropped the pic just for you

as for the other & anyone else: honey, don't ya shake my tree

(you think I'd be with that dork? Real-lay! 1st of all, "cute" to me would start out with hair to his waist)

I dream Hummingbird's Daughter. It was his thesis at CU. I always knew it was a novel, and Luis doesn't let go of anything unless it's the best. (So much for writing to contest deadlines.) His 90 page final manuscript for my poetry workshop (I swear, I didn't assign that much although I do say: Pages count. Writer's gotta write, que no?) won the Pen America West award for best book of poetry. And I get called into the chair's office for a complaint that I was a "racist" because I was giving the "Chicano students" As and she only got a B—despite the fact that she didn't meet the minimum page requirement. I happened to have copies of their manuscripts with me, hers, his & the Chicana student who almost dropped out, were it not for the female faculty, after being sexually harrassed in the prof's office. (mira, como me dan asco) It was like a science exhibit. I opened a page of Luis. I opened a page of woman who interrupted a lecture to ask, "what's a metaphor?" and she was a high school language teacher with no sense of irony. "See: Luis. X. Luis. X. See: This is poetry. This is not. Exhibit A. Exhibit B." I ended by thanking him for bringing it to my attention because I realized I had made a mistake and awarded a B to a manuscript that was really an "C-". He got the point, and that was that. I was hoping to get a copy at Luis' reading last week, but these books. . . at the moment I'm avoiding the muse.

Send poems.

29/6/05 14:48  
Blogger Paul Adrian M said...


29/6/05 16:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


29/6/05 17:31  

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