Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Am the Tanka...

anyone got a wankan?

I am the tanka.
The attention of others
Is unnerving, and
Since I try not to draw it,
I'm left alone. Which is good.
What Poetry Form Are You?

book update: 2 sent, 1 & 1/2 done, 1 & I/2 to go
fine tuning cover - obtained permission to use Irving Norman's "The Bus."
or, I may be …

If they told you I'm mad, then they lied.
I'm odd, but it isn't compulsive.
I'm the triolet, bursting with pride;
If they told you I'm mad, then they lied.
No, it isn't obsessive. Now hide
All the spoons or I might get convulsive.
If they told you I'm mad then they lied.
I'm odd, but it isn't compulsive.
What Poetry Form Are You?

Thanks to Peter Pereira's Virtual World for the quick diversions. (anyone ever hear of steam kettles? if ya can't play in your own house where can ya? wheeeeeeeeee …)
… now, back to strop the strophe
Meanwhile, read my poem to Sandra Cisneros on Librarian 2, announcing the Latina Letters Conference, while I revise it for a final time this afternoon for the new book. Hope to see & meet some of you there, in San Anto, July 14-16. I'll be reading this and other new poems from the book(s) on Saturday, July 16.
(note to self: Chinese vegetables coming up. Rocket lettuce taking over. T makes a patio for 2. I plant lavendar datura, one double purple, one big white.

& think of Dad.)


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