Thursday, June 16, 2005

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me (and buy my book...) (lol)

1) I used to play the banjo.

2) I've been arrested 10 times. ("Civil Disobedience IS Civil Defense")

3) I'm afraid of cows. (don't ask)

4) I'm addicted to Brainbuster, an Egghead Trivia game that doesn't seem to exist anymore outside of Sports bars which is beside the point. Brainbuster is the sole reason I ended up online in the first place, after slipping that aol disk into my 'puter. If you've ever played Brainbuster & just surfed in, please email me for info on a fix. ("anyone got ntn?")

5) I believe some wild birds can talk.

6) I once found a two-headed butterfly — and let it go.

7) They used to call me The Cat Girl before I was known as La Bird.

8) I intend to save the world with chaya, the Precolumbian Mayan Miracle Food for the New Millenium.

9) All of my poetry books are alphabetized but I can't find a clean dish.

10) I am philosophically adverse to New Year's resolutions until this past year when I figured out they didn't have to be so bad, so I resolved to have more sex this year & to stop procrastinating. (I'm still working on that last one.)
SO - on to the get to it, now that I have my list on (thanks to Deborah @ 32 Poems) (I'm running out of things you didn't know about me due to this blog).

The next time I visit will be after I get these final drafts of the manuscripts off to my publisher, both virtually & in the page. (today?) Saiyonada, simon que sí y bon voyage! Bon appetit y bien provecho!

You can order advance SIGNED copies of these new books bound into one special hardback edition entitled DRIVE: The First Quartet by sending a check made out to me for $25 to my new business manager, Gigmaster 7, at
Lorna Dee Cervantes; c/o Anthony Vasquez; 950 Miami Way; Boulder, CO 80305.
Or, you could win one (1st out of the box) by guessing "Who Was the World's First Blogger?" (aw, come on & play). Order copies for your classes direct from the publisher, Wings Press. (What better press for a Bird?) You may also order an advance copy of a limited art books edition now listed at Amazon for $250. This is a special boxed edition of the five books (2 of which may be bound into one) in a hand-crafted wooden box which may include additional goodies. This edition is listed at Amazon because I decided, with publisher Bryce's fine advice, to go with the "permanent hanging" of the 5 books in a hard-bound first edition made affordable instead of the five (or 4 if 5 were not fundable) individual books I wanted to have appear simutaneously (a reviewing nightmare, my publisher assured me).

Why hold off for 14 years on 5 new books? you ask (a post-tenure nightmare, my salary committee assures me) (now I know why it's never been done before post-academia).

I am influenced by painters. Irving Norman, in particular, whom I once met when I was about 18 when I wrote a poem about one of the major images in his show, face-masks, that was exhibiting in the San Jose State Student Union gallery where I was giving a poetry reading and read the poem. He was there, when I looked up and said his name, and I gave him a copy of the poem & he invited me to a party closing the show. There, a young woman had questioned him before a tryptic (think Bosch): three individual paintings which create another composition, another solid image, when hung together—of a futuristic warscape, mostly blood and ash colored dominated by armies of armored behemuths that must have inspired Star Wars. She asked him: "Do you really see the world this way? Just brutality & greed? Do you really believe that people can be so awful?" And he just cried. Silent tears streaming down his face for an uncomfortable 20 minutes. What a number on an arm can tell about a paint smear on cloth. An artist only paints what he sees. An artist only paints what she was meant to see. Intent. The after-image of grey felt by Beuys blooms into a colored mural in someone else's life a continent away, a heart away. That close.

The books are intended to be read in any order the reader desires. They are bound together in this edition for affordability and for carrying them with you, perhaps, like me, under some tree. Bound so that you don't have to worry about getting them dirty, books intended to be consumed with wine & cheese, pita & hummus, Soyrizo & tortillas organicas. A book that could serve as a table, a plate, a platform.

They are all, like us, distinctly different from the others but linked to some common phenomenology, some base language of Spirit where we thrive, an inheritance of disparate images, the over-abundance of flowering & decay under history & chance; this United State.


Blogger loveandsalt said...

Wild birds can DEFINITELY talk. They aren't sure whether we can.

17/6/05 13:14  

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