Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Flotsom & Jetsam: Found This Poem I like A Lot by Mark Lamoureux Today

on Mark Lamoureux's blog ----------0----------. I love finding something really tasty to bite down into early in the morning like this. Oops, blogger won't allow the link, so here's the opening lines:


The guests came with
a box of water. Raptors
in the eaves of the middle

Spanner, planer, a piston.
Gunburn has a big moth,
a flawless alibi.
Some notion of seemly
fog. It was
the best fish in the net,
look me up sometime.


Blogger Mark said...

Thanks so much for the shoutout Lorna. It's always nice to encounter someone new by way of a poem on the blog, and nice when one's work telegraphs out there beyond one's usual scene/readers.

Incidentally, I was Samuel Taylor Coleridge also!...

8/6/05 13:55  

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