Thursday, March 17, 2005

Some Titles for Future Blogs (in order of appearance)

re-membering ronnie

The Death Angel Resides

Is It Work, Or Is It Memorex? Or, If Proust Were On Disability Would There Be Any Remembrance of Things Past?

Beneath the Shadow of the Adaptation

Beneath the Shadow of Interpretation; Or, 'Linger Thus, Forevermore"

Blog for the Young White Man Who Wants to Ask Me How I, An Intelligent, Well-read Person, Could Believe In the Love Between Peoples (But Never Knew How to Ask)

You Are What You Speak; Or, Punctuate This!

"Chicano Power!" Translates As "The Creative Class;" Or, Los Us Are Them

A Quick Wok Around the Blog

Silliman & Sukenik; Or, On Jockeys From the Mule's Mouth

My Search for Sandra


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