Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Strength" (7-Minute Poem For NaPoWriMo, 4/5)

Strength (7-Minute Poem For NaPoWriMo, 4/5/11)

All I've ever had was strength.
I show it in the cracks. I smooth
out stone on stone, I sheen with use.

All I've ever known was shame
and philosophy: Plato's Republic,
The Birth of Tragedy, Young Werther's Sorrows...

I have an affinity with the sea,
my sailor's blood, my stance:
my wild stallion, the waves

I do not enter lightly. I moan
and creak, the leather of a slave.
I can take the heat; hell, a sudden parting.

I do not know. I hold
fast, the spirit text: the great
death inside us; strong, inside us.

Lorna Dee Cervantes

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Blogger Laura Gamache said...

oh, Lorna, I like this one!
and love the 7 minute poem idea.

20/4/11 10:44  
Anonymous paula said...

This one speaks out to me today. :) Thank you!

4/3/12 03:22  
Anonymous Cromwell said...

I so love this one. Such a great poem for me. Thanks for being a good inspiration :) xoxo

11/6/15 00:36  

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