Wednesday, April 06, 2011

NaPoWriMo!! It's National Poetry Writing Month! Join Me In Writing A Poem A Day

NaPoWriMo - Taking Ten For Poetry In April - Poem A Day

(Note: I'm reposting this with today's word or writing prompt. I'll post my poem tomorrow. Scroll down for the new word/s, and scroll down for latest posts.)

Hey all,

I'll be writing a poem a day for April again this year for National Poetry Writing Month and National Poetry Month. This year I'll be posting them here. I'll also be posting daily prompts for you to play along while I post my finished poem the next day. If you have any words or topic suggestions, working titles, etc., go ahead and post them in the comments. Otherwise, I'm just trying to see what comes out, ten lines a day or more.

And, as always, stay to play! Try it on your own blog. Sign up on the official NaPoWriMo site. Sow the seed of your next book. One poem a day keeps the critic away. Or something. Name it. Yea, NaPoWriMo!

I've gone to One Word in the past and just keep writing for 7 minutes. Hey, 7 minutes out of your day for poetry: who says you have no time to write? I type up whatever I've written in one minute (they have a timer) and post it on their site. This year I plan to catch up on my 100 Love Poems To Strangers project as well. But since you're playing along, I'll also be posting prompts.

Here's today's word:


And the word for 4/2 is:


And the word for 4/3 is:


And the word for 4/4 is:


And the word for 4/5 is:


And the word for 4/6 is:



Lorna Dee

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Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

Well, I was wondering where you'd been. Yipes -- not being able to log onto your blogs.

I have a Facebook account, that I use to drop in on the pages of a few friends -- actual friends, not Facebook "friends" -- I've only Friended a couple of people in my facebook page (one of them is you). I've come by your page now and then, so I've actually been aware that you (fortunately) hadn't vanished from the earth.

I haven't done anything with my Facebook page. Really just a matter of only so many hours in the day/week/year etc. -- as things are, I don't find time to post in my blog as often as I'd like to, though I keep trying. Anyway --

I have Emplumada, Cables of Genocide, and DRIVE, so (unless you've got another book I haven't heard about, I'll hold off jumping into your book giveaway for now. I'm buried in books here as it is. :)

A couple of years ago I attempted the April poem-a-day thing, and enjoyed it, and came out of it with a couple of poems that seemed worth while, plus a lot of fragment-like things that might turn into something one day. I'm not attempting it this year, need to work on a bunch of poems in progress before everything gets too backed up.

Probably should stop here, to keep from crowding your comment box. Happy to find you back here.

Hope you're well, amiga. (Sounds like, from the bunch of recent posts.) Cheers!

3/4/11 20:20  
Blogger Roxanne Ocasio said...

I never knew there was a National Poetry Writing Month. I did NaNoWriMo before, so if I had known I would have started writing right away!

I'm so glad you're posting again. I'm a student and have just become fascinated with your work. I'm improving my español by trying to write bilingual poems. :)

7/4/11 08:36  

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