Wednesday, August 06, 2008



888, this says to me. I like the six in the middle. My day. My lucky number. 54 today. Born '54. 9 squared?

What do these numbers mean to you? Do you do these numbers? I know people who do live by numbers alone, and I don't mean materially. Although, in a sense, we are all just numbers, the sum of our parts, quanta of our doings - and goings. Numbers.

I like these numbers. 8. That's good, no? Someone once told me I was a 6 - when lived gloriously in my full name. Otherwise, I think I was a nine. Like in the i-ching. 6. That change.

Today, I live longer than my mother ever did. I notice this all today, at 11:11.


Blogger csperez said...

happy birthday!!!!

6/8/08 13:04  
Blogger RC said...

Happy Birthday,Lorna.When you coming to Texas?

7/8/08 11:47  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Thanks! And congrats on the new book, Craig. You can email me at mac daht com at my full name.

RC! Gracias. I would have been there (I'm always up for Tejas) at Gemini Ink but I was late with my course description and R axed me from the program. Boo. Maybe soon.

7/8/08 12:05  
Blogger holly said...

Happy Birthday, Lorna! Swim in it!

7/8/08 14:15  
Blogger Robin said...

Hope it was a great birthday!

8/8/08 10:07  
Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

Happy 54, Lorna! (Coming a couple of days late to the party, I know. Crazy life this summer, much story, will tell when I get a chance.)

For some reason, turning 30 and 40 and 50 didn't make me feel particularly older, they just came and went. The time I had a moment of pause was when I turned 37 -- I felt like I'd crossed some kind of threshold then, though not sure what kind.

Sunshine and stardust, amiga. Rock on!

8/8/08 19:54  
Blogger Cynthia said...

I was heavy into numbers in the
90's, I'm a number 2, which is the
number that attracted me as a child,
everything had to be in twos.

yes, if you live past your mother's
age, you must think about that fact
all day on your birthday, a little
surreal maybe.

10/8/08 09:59  
Blogger jack sender said...

8 is a lucky number in china.
that's why olympics began on 8-8-08.
best wishes.

10/8/08 14:07  
Blogger Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry to be a bit late in noting it.

I am 55, so you are but a child.

11/9/08 11:45  

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