Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alfred Arteaga (5/3/50-7/4/08) - Funeral Information

Alfred Arteaga
Professor Alfred Arteaga in his office, 10/09/06, UC Berkeley. Photo by Lorna Dee Cervantes

Here's the latest information from the family on funeral arrangements. Viewing will be tomorrow, 5-7 pm in Santa Cruz. Funeral and after party in Pescadero.

Friday July 11th 5-7pm viewing
Pacific Gardens Chapel
1050 Cayuga Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Saturday July 12th Noon
The funeral at the Holy Cross Church Mission.
126 High Street, in Santa Cruz.

Directly following service is procession to St. Anthony's Cemetery in Pescadero, California. Family only, please at the commitment.

Saturday July 12th 2:30pm
After party
Native Son's Hall
112 Stage Road
Pescadero, CA
This is just down the road from the cemetery so walking distance for visiting after commitment.

Please no black. My dad requested colorful clothes.

Thank you,

There will be a memorial for Alfred at UC Berkeley sometime this fall.

Hasta, my friend, hasta

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