Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, T! Some Thoughts On On

Happy Birthday, T! Feliz cumpleaños, Compañero. Hope it was a happy one, luz de mi vida. I know you won't be reading this for a while, taking a long break from work life, driving life. Home from driving home. And, driving home the point.

I've been taking some time from the blog for something I've been wanting to do for a long time; and like some good things, it happens when it means to happen. Some intent. Been making a mixed tape -- romance for a romantic soul -- for the long ride home, for the gone there and back.

Been thinking about fidelity, frankness, separation -- and how good that year was for me, how awful -- forgiveness, how to do it, how to take it back. Been thinking, compiling, recapitulating; listening to the "B" side over again as well as the "A" in all it's stereophonia. How to be. Good in one's skin. To love the one you are alone as well as the one you are when you are with your love. "I'm not a bad girl," as Memphis Minnie sang it. I'm not a bad girl. And still here. Another day here. With you. Perennial and nonpareil.


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