Saturday, August 20, 2005


Originally uploaded by Rosie O'Donnell.
See Ro's "Work4Peace" movie of her "b4 the war" collages
& check out Crawford Peace Camp updates
& for more info & to sign Cindy Sheehan's petition.
Lorna Dee Cervantes
"Let there be Peace on Earth/ And let it begin with me." ~ The Artist's Way.

Support art. Support Artists! Help declare Cervantes home in San Francisco, artists' studio, birthplace of the Precita Eyes Muralists Community Arts Movement in the Mission, a CULTURAL LANDMARK! Please help! Susan Cervantes, widow of my late father, Visionary artist, Luis Cervantes is facing immediate eviction from their Precita park home of 35 years! For more info click link here.

Precita Valley Community Center Mural


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