Friday, March 11, 2005

Sound-track to The Dead

Until this technomensa learns how to do it ("We learn by doing/ And take our learning slow," with all due respect to Dee) you'll have to imagine the soundtrack (Are you ever a word without the hyphen?) to Lorna Dee Cervantes's first "movie," the slidehow, "How Much is That Rainbow In the Window?" (links yet to be linked by Lynx)

Frame 1- loop of running cheetah (has anyone ever heard or seen Jaguar run?)

Frame 2- soundclip from one of those early 70s "nature" shows, of a deer getting run down by The Lion

Frame 3- timed loop: "Eeez NOT impossible! Eeez NOT impossible! Eeez NOT impossible!..."... ad nauseum, timed for "Eeez" to begin everytime the left knee hits its height; probably my voice in a high-pitched, exagerated "Jose Jime-"-Xican accent

Frame 4- loop from original Man of La Mancha soundtrack (too tedious typing the hypen): "This is my Quest!/ To follow that Star.../ This is my Quest! To follow that Star.../ This is my Quest!/ To follow that Star..." ... until you change

Frame 5- timed loop: first bar of Judy Garland's Carnegie Hall performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Somewhere..., Somewhere..., Somewhere..., Somewhere...," ...

Frame 6- timed loop (in French): "Merci beau coup! Merci beau coup! Merci beau coup! ...," timed to begin at the depth of the bow

Frame 7- loop of Ruben Blades singing "Todas las estrellas son de cartón./ No hay poesia,/ Ni alegría/ Cuando no estás." (Salsa!) ("All stars are made out of cardboard./ There's no poetry/ nor happiness/ when you're not here.")

Frame 8- loop of children singing Let There Be Peace On Earth! timed to begin with the culminating verse: "To LIVE each moment/ And LOVE each moment/ In PEACE eternalLY/ Let there be peace on earth/ And let it begin with ME." Then, it would begin at the beginning and go for as long as you will

Frame 9- Little Joe Y La Familia's original version of "Las Nubes": "Las nubes se van pasando..." Official English Forthcoming.

Alt readings/the subtext

Frame 4- original version of "Good Morning, Little School Girl!" (for those pre-conference/post-party/(p)reparations)

Frame 4- The Quixotic - Original version of "Baby, Please Don't Go!" beginning with the line "Before I'll be your dog/ I'll take you way down there/ Make you walk that log/ Baby, Please Don't Go/ Down to New Orleans/ You know I love you so!/ Baby, Please don't go!"

Frame 4- for those who choose to go on: "Don't Mistreat Me," original version only

I play all four & finish with

Frame 9- "El Rey": "Yo soy El Rey..." It's got that oom PAH, oom POW Austro-Beat

SECOND CHOICE- as in life: Listen to Judy Garland for as long as ya wannna

Who owns the copyright to Imagination?


Or, "Was That Just My I-Magi-Nation?"
Brought to you by Rasquache Productions
c 2005 ~ Lorna Dee Cervantes
(This site protected by PETA*-Poets for the Ethical Treatment of Artists.)


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