Monday, September 19, 2011

CIENTO: 100 100-Word Love Poems Just Released From Wings Press!

Order your copy direct from the publisher, Wings Press now!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

lorna, just wrote to you on facebook, saludos desde México. Felicidades! have just ordered the book.Que eses muy bien. Claire J.

29/9/11 17:59  
Blogger Lifeline said...


For a long time now I have wanted to publish some of my poems, but I have not known how one goes about publishing. Could you give me some guidance in this area. I first read your poetry as an undergraduate student at the University of Redlands with professor Rodriguez y Gibson. I look forward to hearing from you.

20/10/11 11:46  
Blogger Sarah B said...

I am an undergrad student in Florida and am presenting tomorrow on your work in my American Literature Course. I would like to show a clip of a reading by you of any of the works that are in our Anthology but have had difficulty locating them. I was hoping someone here would be able to help.
I am looking for "Uncle's First Rabbit"," For Virginia Chavez", " Visions of Mexico While at a Writing Symposium in Port Townsend, Washington" or "The Body as Braille"

Thank you for any help!


16/11/11 05:53  
Blogger -blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Glad to see you aint focused on
the super-dooper-ficial, dear.
In Seventh-Heaven, you'll be so
gorgeous I gotta wear sunglasses
to shield my poor, poor eyes.
Follow us Upstairs, girl, to
party-hardy for eternity. Cya...

11/4/20 15:11  
Blogger -blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

<- Im glad also to VitSee you arent
transitory, too, as this virus shows:
Love you.
Cya soon.

17/6/20 09:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HeeHee Now, as we're beginning this
4th year after I wrote that, I must say
I don't understand Mexican AT ALL...
yet I do totally our effusive epiphany:
● ●
Cya soon, miss adorable girl...

19/2/24 18:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wurd!press nixed my account. C'est la
guerre. Here's another of our Dr. kold_
kadavr_flatliner,MD blogOrammathons
● ●
Cya soon, miss adorable girl...

22/2/24 17:29  

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