Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Between The Rapture And The Rose" (poem draft)

Between the Rapture And The Rose

Who can believe
between the rapture
and the rose? The road
winds through the brambles,
caramel and sudden, thrushed
and carbon, between the tweeting
and the caverns, between the ash
and the healing waves of rain.

Who can believe? Between
the rapture and the rose,
between the window and the summer
sun, between a child's winnowed
smile and the fallen leaves,
who can believe in the simple
science of you, your turning gyre?

Who does believe
threading their way through folly
and the falling? It's as easy
as the way rainbows slide
their magic, the way I am
into you, the startled starlings
settling home, the flush of bloom,
a filling room. Between the rapture
and the rose is a garden
and a blush.

The softening touch, so much
the sibilant rush, a sensuous
lush response. Something
like belief, like the rapt
heavenly way the earth smells:
the loam of loving you, the pebbled
path of pardon, leafing, like music
between the rapture and the rose.

Lorna Dee Cervantes

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Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

This is lovely, Lorna.

24/5/11 20:07  
Anonymous Toronto Apartments for Rent said...

A poem is very nice and content deep thinking. It it true thinking that a poet, writer and painter having great strength to express their view in their word and painting.

26/5/11 03:21  
Anonymous saif said...

very nice poetry that touches the soul

30/5/11 08:12  
Blogger Son Of A Gun said...

Aye,you are the teacher and I the hapless student. you take me back to school

10/8/11 05:15  
Blogger Unknown said...

Lorna - if this poem is available, I'd like to publish it in the Black and White and Read (RED) themed issue of PoetsArtists ( Let me know.

email didimenendez at

Thanks -


28/9/11 07:05  
Blogger Soul Spirit said...

Loved this poem. I am learning poetry so i am looking at other poets and trying to learn from them, i just want to say i am really looking forward to read your book

4/11/11 03:03  
Blogger Unknown said...

I love the last two lines of this poem the best. So honest and they grab unto a feeling and open it wide.

25/11/11 14:13  
Anonymous Cromwell Apartments said...

You've inspired me to read this poem. :) Thanks so much for writing this response! I loved it! ♥

17/4/15 23:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I first found this poem several years ago, and I am very glad I was able to find it again after many years. Sometimes I think that no one else ponders or believes in the space between, but then a thing like your poem appears, revealing an invisible link between everything. Thank you.

20/12/15 13:58  

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