Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Poems Under the Dome Tonight - Where In The World Is Lorna?

I'll be doing my civic duty, reading a poem under the dome at City Hall this evening. Come join me. Sign up to read your own or your favorite. I won the raffle at the Lunada reading last week at the Galeria de la Raza, so I'm on in just a couple of hours, 5:30-9 pm. Selected as one of San Francisco's "fun and cheap" things to do in The City, come and hear the universe and chance's choice of local poets - maybe become one yourself. Impress a date. Express yourself. Meet my friend, Diamond Dave, a trip in and of itself, at the world's biggest open mic without a mic. Poetry On!

And, May 3 at the International Workers Day celebration at Cafe Boheme, my favorite hangout, at 6 pm, featuring the poet laureate of The Mission, Alfonso Texidor.

May 6 I'll be reading at Gavilan College in Gilroy.

May 14 I may be on the air on KKUP's poetry show, 8-9pm.

May 15th I'll be in Fresno - YAY!

More info to follow. Book me now! Now, I'm bookin'. Ciao!

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Blogger Lee Herrick said...

Lorna, I can't believe I am going to miss you when you're in Fresno! This saddens me. But I will be with you in spirit from Korea, where I am enjoying life and soaking up the incredible country as much as I can. Hope you enjoy your time there, and best wishes.

5/5/08 01:12  
Blogger holly said...

Lorna, I hope you are well. I tried to email you at one point, but maybe your email has changed??? I am at, and trying to write a poem a day...
Also, I'm now in Athens, GA.
I was in San Fran last summer. Had I known you were there, I would have visited!

3/7/08 15:55  

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