Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lorna Dee Cervantes, 3-27, Sacramento State U - Where In The World Is Lorna?

La Raza Galeria Posada: 30 Years of Literature, Art y Cultura
March 14 – April 19, 2008
CSUS Library Gallery


CANTO: Poetry and Song @ CSUS
Thursday, March 27, 7pm in the CSUS Library Gallery

Featured poets:
Lorna Dee Cervantes is an internationally acclaimed Chicana poet whose poetry has appeared in nearly 200 anthologies and textbooks. She has performed her poetry twice at the Library of Congress and numerous other venues, university & college campuses in the US, Mexico, Spain & Colombia. Her book, DRIVE: The First Quartet, is five separate collections under one cover and was awarded the Balcones Award for Best Book of Poetry, placed 2nd for Best Book of Poetry Written in English from the International Latino Book Awards, and was nominated for a Pulitzer. Cervantes currently resides in San Francisco.

Frank LaPena an internationally exhibited painter and published poet. As a young man, he became interested in the song, dance, and ceremonial traditions of his tribe. He has worked with the elders of the Nomtipom Wintu, the Nomlaki Wintun of Northern California, and elders of neighboring tribes, and he is a founding member of the Maidu Dancers and Traditionalists, dedicated to the revival and preservation of these Native arts.

Diego Carrillo is a spoken word poet. He began to write at the age of seventeen while traveling and studying in México. He has been featured at La Raza Galeria Posada, the Poetry Unplugged series at Luna's Café, Sacramento City College, Matrix Art Gallery, the Brick House, Borders Books and the Suga Shack Open Mouth Poetry event at CSUS. He has read with José Montoya, Raul "Tapon" Salinas and Talam Acey.

Esteban Villa is the co-founder of the RCAF and an internationally renowned artist and muralist. He is also an accomplished musician and composer. Villa’s songs are rooted in Country and Western Music and in the various musical traditions of Mexico, especially rancheras and corridos. However, it was his involvement with the Chicano Movement of the 1960’s that brought social issues in his own musical work. His new cd, Heartaches and Jalapeños, celebrates all these influences and melds them into music that is uniquely his own.

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